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We were married on June 18th surrounded by all our friends and family. We live in Oklahoma and love it. It is beginning to feel more and more like home. I love the trees, our church and the people! Everyone has made us feel so welcome and a part of this community. We both have great jobs, that we love going to every day! Life is good, God is good!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The First Week of School!

It is the first week of school around here! 

I LOVE the first day of school. Much more than I did when I was a student. The best part about teaching Kindergarten is they are VERY excited about the first day of school. Here is a small tour around my class this year. 

I have always LOVED Eric Carle's book Brown Bear, Brown Bear; so when I found the wall clings at Target I was so excited and knew they had to go up in my classroom. I don't think the kids appreciate them nearly as much as I do! 
After Brown Bear, Brown Bear my next favorite was The Very Hungry Caterpillar.
These are up on my cabinets. 

Most of my room is decorated with polkadots but I tried to incorprate a few owls here and there. Such as with my cubby numbers, and my cool jog chart! My desk is already a mess but other than that my room is perfect! I really like the layout and think it will flow very well. 
Here is the first cup of coffee being made in my Kurig that Andrew got me. For snack on the first day we had fruit loops in precious Owl Dixi cups! They made my day!! 
Here is another apperance by my friend Jamie! She ROCKS. She made me these curtains!! I KNOW!! Aren't they fabulous!? I didn't get a picture from the other side but it has ABC's on it. I just love love love love them!! She also made some to cover my personal books. However, I haven't managed to get those pictured yet! 
Here is Jamie's son Luke! He has made my summer so fun. There have been times that I have BEGGED his mom to let me watch him for her. I always have a BLAST when we are hanging out! Here he is climbing around in our courtyard area! The middle picture is my favorite... it might get a frame at my house if I can figure out a way to print pictures off my phone! 

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  1. I LOVE how your curtains turned out! A great idea you had! Your classroom looks great! Your hard work definitely paid off! Funny how this post about your classroom ended up with Luke. I love all of your pictures, bur especially the ones of my little guy! (: